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Teledyne Labtech, has for many years, been at the forefront of microwave technology for the defense industry.  Our products and PCB can be found in a large range of products ranging from Antenna for large Phased Array Radar, through to components used in the worlds most sophisticated fighter aircraft.

  • Tx/Rx Modules
  • Power Amplifiers
  • EW Systems
  • Military Communications
  • ECM
  • Missile Seeker Heads

Our large antenna manufacturing capability makes Teledyne Labtech unique in being able to offer a complete manufacture, assembly and test of the most sophisticated Phased Array Antenna.

Air Traffic Control

Following Teledyne Labtech's continued policy of investment, we are now able to offer a complete large antenna manufacturing capability.  The large antenna manufacturing unit are able to manufacture antenna that are up to 9.0 metre in length and up to 2.0 metre high.  In addition Teledyne Labtech can offer a complete manufacture, assembly and test.  This unique offering puts Teledyne Labtech as the only company in Europe that can offer an entire one-stop manufacturing capability.

mmicpackaging strip

  • Large Antenna PCB Manaufacture (2.0 Metre x 0.6 Metre)
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Test up to 40 GHz
  • Fabrication, including welding and painting
  • Assembly and test of high power combiners


labcTeledyne Labtech has over 30 years experience in the manufacture and assemmbly of RF/Microwave PCB for the Telecommunications industry.  Our unrivalled capability allows Teledyne Labtech to offer a complete turnkey solution, when purchasing complex Radio Link Tx/Rx module.  Our internal rescources include PCB manufacture, MMIC assembly and testing up to 40 GHz.

  • High performance PTP and PTMP Radio Link
  • E-Band Radio Links
  • Mast Head Amplifiers
  • Base Station Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Up/Down Converters
  • Power Combiners



Teledyne Labtech's space heritage goes back to the founding of the company in 1984.  Teledyne Labtech has always and continues to be a valuable supplier to the European Space industry.  This has resulted in Teledyne Labtech being selected as a key supplier on a number of presteigious programs, the latest being the GAIA project.

GAIA is a European funded project and is a large scale mapping project with the objective of providing a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.  Teledyne Labtech will be supplying a number of components, principaly the antenna array and metalbacked combiner circuits.

  • ESA Approved
  • Large Antenna capability
  • Metalbacked PCB  
  • RO 6002 THP 

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