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Amp Selector Table

Make your selections/entries below to filter for the amplifier you are looking for: Search (select parameter needed), Operators (select the definer needed), and Input (type in data/number needed). Click on Filter and your results appear. Modify your entries to filter the results further. Select "Clear Results" to start over. Click here to return to the previous page.

Teledyne Cougar Classic Amplifier Selector

If you know your model number, or even a portion of the model number, you may do a "Model Search". Enter as much or as little of your criteria into the fields and applicable models will be viewable and downloadable. Just click on the model number in the result table and the corresponding data sheet will appear for printing or downloading. Click on "View All Cascadable Amplifiers" to show all.

Engineering Tools

Calculations, Simulations and Searches - Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers a number of self-service online tools to help customers determine which of TMS’s wide range of microwave products and technologies can best meet your current and future needs.

These online tools serve several purposes, enabling you to simulate your product and/or performance requirements, identify the specifications you require, or perform the calculations and conversion measurements necessary to efficiently search for and locate the solution you need for the job at hand. From determining intermodulation performance to calculating bandwidth to searching amplifier specifications, we know you will find these tools to be a valuable resource.


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