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Labtech Ltd was founded in 1984 and was a privately owned business with the sole focus of offering a specialist "non-standard" PCB production service. It quickly became apparent that there was a growing need for a supplier of PTFE microwave PCB's and in 1985 Labtech set up as a specialist printed circuit board manufacturer and became one of the first independent companies to offer such a capability. The business grew steadily and in 1990 was acquired by Intelek plc a London Stock Exchange company. During 1995 Labtech opened a purpose built pcb production factory in Presteigne, Wales and this culminated in significant growth during the remainder of the century. Labtech was awarded the Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 2001 as recognition of the company's outstanding business performance.

In order to meet the growing demands of Labtech's unique low cost mmic packaging capabilities, an acquisition of a microwave broadband component business was made in 2005. Labtech acquired from Filtronic Components their Milton Keynes-UK manufacturing facility. This positive step allowed the company to broaden it's microwave broadband product and service beyond that of a printed circuit board manufacturer, offering microwave components, and microwave MIC assembly. The facility based in Milton Keynes originated from a joint venture between Elettronica of Italy and Plessey Microwave-UK and became a division of Elettronica in 1989. Filtronic acquired the assets of the business in 1995 until the acquisition by Labtech.

The company in 2008 renamed itself Labtech Microwave to reflect the focus in supplying microwave solutions with specialist capabilities in design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. The company continues to service many product and market applications from defence electronics, global telecommunications to space and satellite communications.

In late 2010, Labtech was acquired by Teledyne Technologies and was renamed Teledyne Labtech. The new company still retains it focus on the highly complex, high reliability systems, and is now a key member of one of the worlds leading high technology corporations.

The Power of One. Today a new entity, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS), is transforming the vast capabilities of Teledyne Technologies seven pacesetting RF-Microwave companies into one global leader... the leader for everything microwave. From humble beginnings decades ago producing PCB, TWTs and simple microwave products, TMS today produces virtually every conceivable microwave technology the market demands.

Environmental Policy

Teledyne Labtech has a policy to minimise any adverse impact of our activities, as a leading microwave components and pcb manufacturer, on the environment. This will be achieved by our adherence to the following policy and principles.

It is the policy of Teledyne to maintain and operate our businesses in full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits and our Corporate Environmental Management System. It is also our policy to promptly evaluate and resolve any suspected instances of non-compliance. We recognize the importance of our environment and natural resources, and encourage all our employees to embrace our responsibility to society when using and planning the use of natural resources. We shall take an active role in discovering and implementing means to prevent harm to our environment and to our natural resources by continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Teledyne is committed to providing adequate personnel and other resources to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and permits and to implement, maintain and improve our Environmental Management System.

  • To minimise waste by monitoring consumption of resources, setting targets for improvements and measuring company performance
  • To develop production, management and control methods which will prevent pollution
  • To comply with, or exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation
  • To consider environmental aspects as part of our routine planning
  • To assess the impact of our products and their manufacture on the environment
  • To promote environmental awareness amongst our employees through training
  • To work with our business partners in reducing environmental impact
  • To regularly review our environmental policy and it's objectives in order to encourage continual improvement
  • To publicise our policy to stakeholders and in particular to our employees, customers and the general public

Teledyne Labtech also has ISO14001 environmental accreditation and as a result, has implemented an environmental management system.

ISO 1400                                                  ISO 9001

Embedded Components

For many years Teledyne Labtech has prided itself on being at the forefront of RF/Microwave PCB development. Teledyne Labtech were also one of the first companies to successfully develop techniques for embedding SMD devices within multilayer structures and the embedding of connector pins in buried stripline circuits.

The advantages of such a structure ensure a much higher density of interconnect and removes the need for via hole connections to the board surface or the need to create access pockets to the inner layers. Consequently you finish with a board with lower RF/Microwave losses, this is particulalry important when designing large RF feed networks or 16:1 power dividers.

EmbComp EmbeddedSMTDevice EmbComp ConnectiontoBuriedStripline
Embedded SMT Device Connection to Buried Stripline
EmbComp ConnectorPin
Embedded connector pin in RF/Microwave Feed Network  


Ethics & Values

Teledyne Technologies is committed to uncompromising ethical standards, strict adherence to law, and continuous attention to customer satisfaction. These commitments constitute the foundation upon which Teledyne Technologies conducts its business.

Click here to view our Corporate Objectives and Guidelines for Employee Conduct.

Teledyne Technologies encourages employees to communicate concerns before they become problems. Building and maintaining trust, respect and communications between employees and management, and among fellow employees is critical to the overriding goal of efficiently producing high quality products, providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction, and ultimately fueling profitability and growth.

The management and employees of Teledyne Technologies are committed to a strong self-governance program. This commitment is aligned with the company's corporate goal to enhance stockholder value. Maintaining the company's reputation for quality, reliability, integrity, and customer responsiveness is critical to achieving this goal.

Teledyne Technologies has established a confidential Corporate Ethics/Help Line, with the theme, "Take The Right Action." The Ethics/Help line is available to all Teledyne Technologies employees, as well as concerned individuals outside the company. Employees are encouraged to communicate their concerns, as well as ask questions about ethical issues. The toll free help line number is 1-877-666-6968.

Click here to view our Directors' Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Click here to view our Code of Ethics for Financial Professionals

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