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Channelizing Receiver

The Channelized Receiver is a multi-channel parallel processing IFM architecture providing instantaneous frequency coverage in a VME Form Factor.

Channelizing-ReceiverInnovative Features/Special Value:
A low loss broadband can split a microwave frequency band into multiple channels. The output of each channel is down converted to a common IF and presented to an array of identical digital IFM units implemented using FPGA techniques. Amplitude measurement is combined with the frequency measurement in each channel, resulting in a full descriptor word being available simultaneously from each specified segment of the RF spectrum.


  • 2-18GHz Coverage (optional down to 0.5GHz)
  • VME Form Factor
  • 8 Channel Pre-selector
  • Digital IFM Frequency Measurement
  • Full Pulse Descriptor Outputs
  • High POI in complex environments
  • Simultaneous Signal Measurement


Digitizing Receivers

TMS constantly builds on its portfolio of digital frequency discriminators (DFD), taking key performance elements from existing DFD and successive detection log video amplifier (SDLVA) product lines, and integrating them into a complete solution suitable for military environments.



Sample product specifications – VME64 form factor:

  • Full 2.0 – 18GHz broadband operation
  • 15-BIT output (0.5 MHz Resolution)
  • 50 MHz Clocking rate
  • 60 dB Dynamic range
  • SDLVA Log Video output
  • PMOP Detection




Radar Warning Receivers

Phobos ScreenThe PHOBOS tactical threat warning system from Teledyne Defence & Space is comprised of a state of the art, high sensitivity radar warning receiver and a highly portable hand-held display device. The combination of these two elements provides the user with exceptional detection performance whilst delivering true tactical flexibility.


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