Digitally tuned bandpass filter CB503: De-conflict high power communication systems and IED jammer transmitters.

Supports enhanced mobility and battlefield operations

A single high-Q tunable filter can replace many  fixed filters allowing for easy transport and effective de-conflicting filtering.

High-Q three section machine combline filter with input/output coupling structure enabling the filter to be tuned to any central frequency in the tuning range of 160MHz to 360MHz while maintaining excellent filter characteristics
  • Higher number of sections
  • Tunable band reject filters and diplexers
>  Operates across VHF/UHF frequency bands
Passband:  Bandwidth: 3% fo (typ)
  Insertion Loss: 0.6dB max
  VSWR: 1.5:1 max
Rejection:  40dBc Bandwidth: 17% fo (typ)
Input Power (operating): 100 Watts
>  Fully digitally controlled: Supports both serial and USB interfaces as standard

De-conflicting filtering
Military mobile/ mounted VHF/ UHF
Communication systems
Base station antenna filters