Multi-Channel Receiver QR035:

High selectivity without the slow tune speeds of YIG pre-selectors.

With wide band synthesized LO providing coverage from 500MHz to 18GHz and frequency extensions up to 40GHz, the QR035 provides a new approach for ESM/ELINT applications.

Full band coverage from 500MHz to 18GHz (options to 40GHz)
IF out at 1GHz (BW 500MHz) and 160MHz (BW 80MHz)
Real-time IF detection and RF attenuation provides increased dynamic range
Fast Tune Speed (125μs typical)

Gain Variation (typically):

  • +/-2.5dB over full 1GHz IF BW
  • +/-1.25dB over 100MHz IF BW

Channel to Channel Tracking (typically):

  • +/- 2dB
  • +/- 90
Power dissipation: 160 W (3 channel configuration)
Internal amplitude look-up tables for post-digitisation correction (Optional)
ATR Package
User control via Gigabit Ethernet and RS422

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
Defensive Aids Suites (ECM Set-on) Channel tracking ideal for Direction
Finding applications filters
Ground, Airborne and Naval Environments