Leverage our 35 Years of Manufacturing Expertise
for Advanced MW/RF Services

Teledyne Defence has extensive microwave alignment and testing facilities, comprehensive environmental services and much more. From microwave components to assemblies, our capabilities are both broad and advanced:

Testing from DC – 60 GHz and digital interfaces
Commercial and Military Specifications –
High Rel

Rapid Prototype service

  • 3D Printing service
  Design for manufacture and compact SWaP
  High volume build to print services

Support for all major packing technologies

  • Thermosonic, thermocompression,
    wire and ball bonding
  • GaN, InP and Si attach
  • ATV ReFlow

Comprehensive environmental test facilities

  • HARASS -40°C to +85°C, 60°C/min thermal reversal
  • Laser weld / Hermetic sealing <5x10-8 Atm.cc/sec
  Obsolescence Management, ILS and TLS services
  ISO14644-1 Class 7 and Class 8 cleanroom and manufacturing areas

Learn More at:  PH: +44 1274 53 1602  |  E: sales-tdl@teledyne.com
TMS European Sales | Shipley, Yorkshire, UK 
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