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Teledyne Labtech launches new

PCB Capability guide

Teledyne Labtech offers a total solution for your RF/Microwave boards. Specialising in high layer count and mixed dielectric multi-layer PCB, we have extensive inspection and test facilities and work with our customers to optimize design for manufacture.

  • PTFE, high performance & low loss PCB
    • Dedicated RF/Microwave PCB manufacturer
    • PTFE, high performance & low loss PCB
    • Metalback and metal core PCB
    • Embedded Components
    • Laser drilling, profiling and ablation to sub-layers
    • Wire bondable surface finishes
    • Large format capability
  • Assembly & Test
    • Wire bonding & MMIC assembly
    • RF Test to 40 GHz
    • Conformal coating

Teledyne’s New YIG Tuned Band-Reject Filters


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