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New High Power SSPAs, GaN Amplifiers, a ‘Single Box'
for Spectral Efficiency & more from TMS

At Satellite 2016, explore some of our latest technology innovations at the TMS booth #1411:

  • SSPA + BUC + Linearizer = >42dBm linear power
  • “The Gateway Earth Station SSPA”:
    New 100W Ka Outdoor SSPA
  • New GaN Amplifiers Re-define Optimal SWaP
  • The ‘Single Box' solution:
    multi-demod modems + M&C + BW manager in ONE BOX

SSPA + BUC + Linearizer

This Ka-band SSPA, when coupled with the Dual Band BUC and Linearizer, produces BIG LINEAR POWER. By itself, the hermetically sealed GaN SSPA produces >41dBm linear power over the complete 29-31 GHz bandwidth and over the operating temperature range. When combined with Ka Dual Band Upconverter (BUC) and the integrated IF Linearizer, the linear power level rises to >42dBm. The combined SSPA / BUC / Linearizer offering is particularly valuable in airborne and any communication link application where size, weight, and power are critical factors. The total weight of the 29-31GHz Ka SSPA is a maximum 2.0 lbs, and size is 6.6" long x 3.7" wide x 1.0" high. See the SSPA datasheet and the BUC datasheet.

The Gateway Earth Station SSPA

This breakthrough 100W Ka-band Outdoor SSPA from Teledyne Paradise Datacom provides gateway earth station power with solid state reliability at power levels that exceed those of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). The new product, Model A2100, weighs less than 44 lbs. (20.0 kg). Leveraging GaN technology, the A2100 produces 100 watts of saturated power and 50 watts of linear power from 27-31 GHz. When packaged in Paradise’s ‘high power’ outdoor enclosure, it can deliver power levels of 100 watts P-linear/200 watts P-sat and 200 watts P-linear/400 watts P-sat, giving customers an excellent alternative to legacy 500 watt TWTAs New

The Gateway Earth Station SSPA

Q-NET Satellite Network Solution:  a ‘Single Box’ for Spectral Efficiency, Cutting Costs

GaN Amplifiers with Optimal SWaP

Teledyne Microwave Solutions recently announced a new line of wideband GaN amplifiers that further lowers the form factor threshold in the industry for the 0.1 GHz to 6.0 GHz frequency range. The new line consists of five GaN wideband amplifier models that raise the bar for SWaP in this category while meeting the stringent airborne requirements of the most demanding commercial and military applications. The dimensions, excluding connectors, are 2.5”L x 2”W x .42”H, at only 2.1 cubic inches. The five models numbers are TSA-213241; TSA-213242; TSA-213243; TSA-213244; and TSA-213245. Additional specifications for the new line can be reviewed here.

Q-NET Satellite Network Solution: a ‘Single Box’ for Spectral Efficiency, Cutting Costs

The Q-NET ‘Single Box’ combines the three required elements for network optimization – multi-demod modems, a monitor and control (M&C) system that controls ALL network elements, and a robust Bandwidth (BW) Manager – into a single box solution that can maximize spectral efficiency for Point-to-Point, Point to MultiPoint, or Mesh satcom networks. The Q-NET Satellite Network Solution will be the subject of live demonstrations on Wednesday, March 9 in Room Chesapeake 6 at both 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Attendance is free.