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At Dixie Crow 41, explore our latest technology innovations for EW applications.

RADAR Warning Receivers. TMS Radar Warning Receivers incorporate patented features and offer wide band synthesized capability from 0.5 to 18 GHz, with extensions available to above 40 GHz. Read More.

2-18 GHz Transceiver. Full Duplex transceivers have a frequency Down conversion path for signal reception (RX) and an alternate up conversion path for signal transmission (TX), separate RF ports typically multiplexed with a diplexer in the antenna coupling unit and separate IF ports for connection to the base band unit (MODEM). Read More.


EW/ECM TWTs. TMS Radar TWTs are currently installed on major airborne, shipboard, and ground programs, performing functions such as target detection, maritime surveillance, air-to-air/air-to-surface search, air defense, battlefield counter-battery, air traffic control, and meteorology. Read More.

SSPAs. TMS has built a comprehensive portfolio of SSPAs covering 1MHz to 110GHz, from 1W to 10kW. TMS SSPAs include both Pulsed and CW suitable for all markets, and primarily focus on the SWaP needs of military airborne applications. Read More.

Converters. TMS offers broadband IMA modules for both block conversion and digitally tuned conversion applications. Drawing upon a large design library of broadband thin film circuits, TMS can provide custom state of the art solutions for multi-octave applications for up and/or down conversion. Read More.

Synthesizers. TMS's Frequency Synthesizers are available from the very complex dual loop frequency synthesizer to more simple phase locked loop designs, supporting communication bands from L-Band through Ka-Band. Read More.

PHOBOS-R Threat Warner/RESM. PHOBOS is an extremely compact, affordable end-to-end integrated EW sensor system comprising: Antennas, RF Processing, Digital Processing, De-interleaving & Emitter ID/Library Matching, and Operator Interface. Read the Datasheet.

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