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TMS Cavity Filters At-A-Glance
  FREQUENCY: 100MHz to 60GHz
    BANDWIDTHS: <1% to Multi-Octave
    TYPES: Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass & Notched
    CONFIGURATION: Filters, Multiplexers, Diplexers, Switched Filters, LNA Filters
    PACKAGING: Connectorized, Waveguide Input/Output and Hermetic
  PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
    APPLICATIONS: Military, Commercial, Comms, T&M, EW, Missile, Space Payload

TMS supplies stand-alone cavity filters and integrated filter products including switched filter banks, GPS pre-amplifiers, and receiver protection filter/limiters. With decades of filter design experience, and our advanced integrated products capabilities, TMS is ready to tackle the most challenging filter designs optimized for the harshest environmental conditions. On-site manufacturing allows for a seamless transition into production to support critical customer requirements.

TMS Filters

Filters, Cavity Filters, Coaxial Resonator Filters, Combline Filters, Integrated Filter Assembly, Interdigital Filters, Lumped Element Filters, Suspended Substrate Filters, Waveguide Filters, Teledyne Defence Filters

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