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Electrical Test Capabilities

Cougar's full DC, RF and microwave test capabilities make your choice easy for element, hybrid, component, and subassembly testing requirements. Using fully documented and controlled test procedures, Cougar quickly provides go/no-go or complete RF test results from ambient to full military/space temperature extremes. You can specify the testing parameters, temperatures and data format. Quick, accurate, reliable results; Cougar is your first and best choice for testing requirements.

RF Power Test, Selection and Sort
(80 MHz to 2800 MHz)

  • CW to 200 Watts
  • Single, Multiple or Burst Pulse Formats
  • Example Test Parameters: Pout, Power Gain, PAE
  • Custom Test Capability: High Frequency, IP3,
  • Load Pull, Mismatch VSWR

DC Test, MMIC and Transistors

  • FET: IDSS, VP, GM, Breakdown Voltage, IGSS
  • BiPolar: ICBO, IEBO, HFE, BVCEO,

RF Test, MMIC and Transistors

(100 kHz to 40 GHz)

  • Small Signal Gain, P1dB, Psat, VSWR, Reverse Isolation
  • Noise Figure, IP3, Harmonic
  • Phase Noise
  • Phase and Amplitude Matching
  • Over Temperature
  • S-Parameter Testing

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