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DownloadCommunicationsBroAmplifiers specific to the Communications systems include a wide range of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) originally from Paradise Datacom and a range of organically developed products within TMS. Satcom SSPAs are considered a core competence of Paradise Datacom's product line who have invested heavily in converting it's complete amplifier offering from GaAs to GaN from C-Band all the way to Ka-Band.



  • FREQUENCY:10MHz to 35GHz
  • BANDWIDTHS: Narrow Band to Multi Octave
  • TYPES: Pulsed, CW POWER 1W to 10KW
  • CONFIGURATION/PACKAGING: SM, Leaded, Connectorized, Waveguide
  • PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
  • APPLICATIONS: Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms

With frequencies moving higher TMS has developed a new range of SSPAs & LNAs to support new Satcom applications in the Ka/K-Band region with significantly reduced SWaP (Size Weight and Power) to meet continued needs to retrofit new products into existing locations. With that said, Ku & X Band applications requiring a reduced SWaP, are also considered mainstream product and benefit from TMS's core capabilities.

In addition to Satcom applications, TMS has developed a complete range of Data-Link products used in direct line of sight and BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) applications. Unique requirements for these applications include the need for very high speed blanking and the need for a runway low power mode. TMS Transceivers (C, X & Ku-Bands) are in production to support frequency conversion for these systems which also have SSPA and LNA embedded in them. Future development plans include the option to offer a down converted sample port to be used in a pre-distorter network, to improve linearity as higher data rates are required with less prime power available.

Other products, in production, include RF Power amplifiers from L – X Band with over 1KW output power, used to support unique systems for point to point communications. Configured as rack mount or as standalone, these products are a result of internal development in conjunction with a customer's needs to move from conventional LDMOS designs to GAN.

With system engineers needs for higher frequency, SWaP reduction and ever shortening development cycles, TMS has uniquely demonstrated it's abilities in this market and will continue to be well placed to support these needs today and in the future.

Limiting Amplifiers

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offer a range of Limiting Amplifiers which are used in instantaneous frequency and phase measurement receivers. The most important performance requirement of a limiting amplifier is to minimize output power variations, and provide a constant output over a wide input dynamic range.



  • FREQUENCY: 10MHz to 35GHz
  • BANDWIDTHS: Narrow Band to Multi Octave
  • CONFIGURATION/PACKAGING: SM, Leaded, Connectorized, Waveguide
  • PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
  • APPLICATIONS: Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms

TMS Limiters and Limiting Amplifiers are available in Thru hole, Surface Mount or SMA package types, providing input protect limiting, fixed output limiting, and/or added Gain. Benefits include low VSWR and excellent Flatness vs Frequency.

Explore TMS Limiting Amplifiers


  • Input protect limiting
  • Signal limiting
  • Communications
  • LO stability



Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs) and Successive Detector Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVAs). These devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal. In order to cope with a wide range of input signals a log amplifier is used to provide a linear voltage output per dBm of input power. Typically the input range of a DVLA will operate over 50dB or more with a base sensitivity less than -40dBm whilst providing linear conversion within ±1dB for all power levels, frequencies and temperatures. Where greater sensitivity and power levels are expected the Extended Range DLVA (ERDLVA) offers even greater performance.



  • Multi-octave performance operating at frequencies up to 40GHz
  • Dynamic range up to 60dB for DLVAs extending to 80dB for ERDLVAs
  • Sequential DLVAs
  • DC coupled and CW immune options
  • Wide operating temperature range; -50°C to +85°C
  • Small size and weight suitable for airborne applications
  • Fast rise, settling and recovery times

With over 40 years of experience and designs offering multi-octave bands from 2-40GHz and dynamic ranges up to 80dB, TMS is well placed to meet your DLVA needs. 

Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers

Gain Shape amplifiers are used in a number of applications where it's necessary to flatten the gain characteristic of the preceding or following component. This would include flattening the attenuation of a long cable run or perhaps changing the input gain response to a MPM (Microwave Power Module) or TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) to compensate for the gain variation within the tube.



  • FREQUENCY: 10MHz to 35GHz
  • BANDWIDTHS: Narrow Band to Multi Octave
  • GAIN SHAPES: Linear, Parabolic and Custom
  • POWER: 1W to 10KW
  • PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
  • APPLICATIONS: Military, Commercial, Satcom, Comms, TWTA


One unique service Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers is the ability to individually match a gain characteristic to a given tube's performance. This is done using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to calculate the gain needed at any particular frequency in order to maintain an overall flatness across the whole operating band. This is done without the need for the tube to be provided to TMS; all we need is the gain characteristics of the individual tube.

Many gain shapes are available to compensate for many different interactions with gain.

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