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Leveraging the expansive Satcom expertise spread across its 5 business units, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers advanced Satcom technologies for many of the most demanding requirements in the industry.


Our flagship provider of Satcom technologies, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, has for decades been a leading source of industry innovation. Some of those innovations include the industry’s most advanced, software-defined Satcom modems; the industry’s only ‘Single Box” bandwidth management platform for more variable throughput services; the industry’s most powerful and efficient family of solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) and SSPA systems; and BUCs, LNAs/LNBs and more for a wide variety of applications.

Our 4 other business units work closely with Paradise, and each other, to engineer integrated solutions to meet emerging Satcom and Space-related capabilities. The former “Teledyne Defence” recently changed its name to Teledyne Defence & Space to reflect its increasing presence in the space market with products like filters, diplexers, channelisers/converters and more for space payloads. Teledyne Labtech, a world leader in circuit boards and packaging, offers a wide variety of MW/RF printed circuit board (PCBs) technologies and MMIC packaging for satellite applications. Teledyne TWT Products is the world leader in traveling wave tube (TWT) technologies, including Satcom TWTs. And finally Teledyne Cougar offers a broad array of components and solutions covering integrated assemblies, filters, amplifiers, multi-function assemblies, and much more.

Explore the expansive Satcom capabilities of Teledyne Microwave Solutions below.


  • Commercial / Military / Government
  • Fixed Ground Segment
  • Airborne 
  • Maritime
  • Tactical
  • Datalinks
  • Broadcast
  • Aircraft Information Systems (AIS)
  • Aircraft Communication and Reporting System (ACARS)
  • In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)
  • GEO
  • LEO Constellations
  • HTS (High Throughput Satellites)
  • Terrestrial (COTS)
  • Maritime & Tactical Maritime
  • Satcom On-The-Move (SOTM)
  • Comms On-The-Move (COTM)
  • Tactical Ground
  • Cellular Backhaul


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