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Customer service starts here for Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) and its business units. For questions regarding status of an order, technical support, billing, shipping and more, you can always call your sales representative, or contact TMS Customer Service directly clicking on their contact information below.

  • TMS Support800-832-6869
  • TWT Products: 916-636-7428  
  • Teledyne Paradise Datacom Products: 814-238-3450
  • General Customer Support for all other products: 800-832-6869 

Our South American sales representatives are listed below. 


ETOWN Company S.A.
Virrey del Pino 2425 3rd. Floor -10-
Ciudad Autónoma, Argentina
PH: +54 11 4781 7404


Rio Pacifico Sac
Av. Manuel Gonzales Prada
Lima, Peru
PH: 511-241-7789 | FX: 511-241-7789

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