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Technical Sales and Support

Cougar has highly trained, technical sales staff prepared to discuss application issues in depth. If your application is still in development, our staff can help guide the design function to best meet your needs with minimum cost and quickest delivery. Where the overall quality and reliability requirements have been established only at the system level, Cougar can help translate these criteria to the appropriate device level. If your application specifications are already established, our staff can help guide you to the best solution of Cougar's components or integrated assemblies that match your requirements.

While we encourage customer visits, local representation is available for those unable to visit our manufacturing and sales headquarters.

Conversion of Customer Requirements

Accurately generating hardware and services that meet or exceed customer expectations separates Cougar from the competition. To ensure that our customers' expectations are fully satisfied, Cougar's Technology Review Board helps convert drawings and specifications into travelers, test sheets and manufacturing specifications. By implementing a thorough review and follow-up system we address every option our customers may require. All complex purchase orders run through this group for review and implementation.

Detailed Data Sheets

Individual data sheets are available for most of the devices listed in this product guide and are included either herein or on our web site. The data sheets contain detailed guaranteed temperature specifications; performance curves, automatic test data, absolute maximum ratings (such as continuous input power, storage temperature, and burn-in temperature), and package outline drawings. Note that the data points listed in this product guide are values indicating a specific frequency point in most cases. Consequently, the data sheet performance curves provide more data points across the band. Shortly following the introduction of new models, Cougar provides data sheets to quickly supplement customer needs. Visit our web site to download the most current edition of our data sheets.


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