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Continuous Improvement and Lean Production

With Quality as a key ingredient to Cougar's success, the company has long maintained continuous quality improvement (CQI) through its CQI Program. Our CQI teams employ several tools to ensure improvements in quality and to the company's processes, including Kaizen , Kan Ban, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, SPC, and DOE, among others.

Each employee at Cougar is allowed the freedom to vigorously attack areas in need of improvement throughout their day-to-day business. Cougar employees understand continuous improvement to mean continuously searching for improvement in all processes of the company from product development to shipping. And every Cougar employee is involved in the continual improvement of manufacturing and business processes to meet our overriding objective-Quality . Performance . On Time.

Our continuous improvement effort is primarily based on the principles of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming and many of his quality engineering colleagues though we adapt the latest improvement tools including those uniquely related to Lean including 5S and value stream mapping.

Again, we use the matrix team approach to attain insights and expertise from a variety of perspectives to solve tough problems. Our goal is to achieve the highest levels of quality and reliability. In many companies barriers form between departments, inhibiting the flow of information and process improvement. At Cougar we strive to eliminate these barriers through communication and awareness. Information flows freely for quick response to customer demands. Our continuous improvement efforts take full advantage of these built-in information paths for real-time improvements.

The continuous improvement and lean production program enables Cougar to increase capacity by eliminating non-value added activities throughout the production process, from order entry to production to test to shipment. The program also results in better communications with our customers and suppliers, reduced cycle times, increased capacity, and ultimate competitiveness in the market.

Formal CQI projects are documented in a standard format and kept on file (both hard copy and electronic) indefinitely. These serve as references for future CQI teams and are available for customer review.


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