Teledyne Microwave Solutions

DownloadHPSSPA-TWTAmpTMS has a long history manufacturing High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) leveraging Teledyne's industry-leading TWTs. The product line features outdoor designs and self-contained thermal management systems and includes both ground and airborne configurations for commercial and military applications. Our extensive design, testing and manufacturing capabilities include an 8,500 sq. ft. Class 10,000 Clean Room, 200+ Test & Burn-In stations, and Mil-STD Environmental Test. TMS also provides high voltage power supply integration and testing, phase testing and power combining, and experienced system RF component integration.


502W KA-Band HPA from datasheet 1

  • 502W peak Ka-band high power linearized amplifier
        • 175W CW linear power output
        • 400W saturated power output
        • Integral L-band BUC (optional)
        • 27.5-31.0 GHz
  • 250W peak Ka-band high power linearized amplifier
        • 100W CW linear power output, 27.5-31.0 GHz
  • 180W / 120W / 90W CW Q-band high power amplifier, 43.5-45.5 GHz
  • Airborne Radar high power amplifier, Ku-band



Teledyne Microwave Solutions' Ka-band TWTA offers superior RF performance for the satellite uplink data communications market. In addition to its 502W peak power, the amplifier features an integrated linearizer providing 175W linear power at the output flange. Frequency ranges from 27.5 to 30.0 GHz for Commercial, or 30.0 to 31.0 GHz to accommodate military applications.

Antenna mounting improves efficiency by eliminating the need for long runs of expensive, lossy coaxial cables. The TWTA's compact, environmentally sealed housing can reliably handle any harsh outdoor environments.