Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Established Heritage

DownloadGlobalDefenceBroTeledyne Defence has established a reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of EW components and sub systems. Formally Filtronic Defence and Filtronic Components, Teledyne Defence has been supplying the needs of the electronic defense market for over 30 years.

Global Thinking
The electronic defense market is evolving and Teledyne Defence is changing with it to meet the needs of its customers and their End Users. With design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Australia TDL are well placed to meet the needs of the global defense customer base.

Technical  Expertise
Teledyne Defence components and  subsystems expertise forms the heart of our  products in the ESM / ELINT / RWR markets,  with the ability to generate highly integrated narrowband systems, a state of the art  product range for SIGINT type applications also  is also available.

Three decades of technical development enable TDL to offer complete  ‘Antenna to Digit’© solutions into complex Ground, Naval and Airborne  surveillance and SIGINT receivers.

Precision Manufacturing
Teledyne Defence manufacturing is certified to OHSAS18001 and with 220 sq mtrs Class 10,000 clean rooms. Work is controlled in line with IPC-610 Class 3, and MIL-STD-883 requirements. Teledyne Defence precision engineering capabilities range from 'simple' filters through complex filter assemblies, MMIC insertion, MIC hybrid integration to complex subsystems taking advantage of high levels of integration. Teledyne Defence's wide range of skills and expertise allows the best use of appropriate technology for the project from an engineering and manufacturing perspective, resulting in excellent quality products ready for volume production

Last line of Defence
Through funded R & D activity Teledyne Defence is already developing the next generation of digital electronic arrays and sensors, including adaptive beam forming on small arrays, large arrays with modest fractional bandwidths and coherent Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) arrays. This key work will offer a range of solutions to both contemporary and evolving asset and border security applications worldwide, whether military or non-military, and across the Land, Sea and Air environments. Teledyne Defence is at the forefront of this work.

Investing for the Future
Recognising the trends in the Electronic Warfare market, Teledyne is investing in the development of new products and systems, which offer fully integrated solutions to the problems faced by tomorrows systems designers. Teledyne Defence engineers have the solutions to deal with the high dynamic range, high pulse density, and high POI requirements being increasingly demanded by End Users.