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Teledyne Defence

Teledyne Defence develops and manufactures cutting edge EW, Radar and Communications solutions for compact military payloads, homeland security and asset protection.

 TMS Overview Brochure 5-2015-1  

Teledyne Microwave

Teledyne Microwave is your single source for microwave electronics. Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) delivers the world's most advanced microwave technologies for demanding aerospace, military, commercial and industrial applications.

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Teledyne MEC

Teledyne MEC produces broadband traveling wave tubes (TWTs), custom TWT amplifier solutions, and high power solid state amplifiers for the ECM, radar and communications markets. 

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Teledyne Labtech

U.K. based supplier, Teledyne Labtech, designs and manufactures microwave PCBs, thin film circuits, MMIC packaging solutions, novel antenna feed structures, and microwave