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Teledyne Labtech is one of Europe's leading manufacture of RF/Microwave PCB.  With over 30 years of experience Teledyne Labtech is able to meet your most exacting requirements.

  • Precision Softboard
  • Multi-layer PCB
  • Large Format PCB 
  • Metal-Cored PCB 
  • Embedded PCB
  • Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB
  • Ohmega Ply®
  • MMIC Packaging



 Pre-Bonded Metalback PCB

Teledyne Labtech's significant in-house resources has the capability to satisfy the most exacting demands of complex pre-bonded PTFE Microwave PCB.  Our extensive machine shop facilities allows Teledyne Labtech to offer a complete sourcing solution from low

Pre-bonded 001 volume prototypes to high volume production requirements.  Teledyne Labtech can also offer pre-bonded metalbacked PCB with integrated wave-guide transitions and co-planar wave-guides.

  • Aluminium, Copper and Brass
  • Plated Through Capability (THP)
  • Complex Machine Structures
  • Thermal Management Solutions
    • Silicon Aluminium
    • Copper/Invar/Copper
    • Copper/Molybdenum/Copper


 Post-Bonded Metalback PCB

From concept through production, Teledyne Labtech has the capability to support the complete design cycle.  Our vast experience is used to advise and recommend solutions for a diverse range of products and processes.

  • Aluminium, Copper and Brass backing   
  • Double-sided and multi-layer bonding
  • Both conductive and non-conductive bond films 
  • Complex machined structures
  • Thermal Management Solutions
    • Silicon Aluminium
    • Copper/Invar/Copper
    • Copper/Molybdenum/Copper


RF/Microwave Multilayer PCB

Teledyne Labtech has established considerable technical knowledge and manufacturing experience in the supply of complex microwave PTFE and Mixed Dielectric Multilayer PCB.  From simple multilayer structures through to complex metal-cored PCB, Teledyne Labtech can offer the complete solution.

Teledyne Labtech has a policy of continuous investment and now boasts a capability that can meet the most demanding RF/Microwave requirements.  Teledyne Labtech can offer blind and buried, plated through vias (THP), laser cut cavities, embedded resistors and connectors.

  • Mixed Dielectric Multilayer PCB
  • Embedded resistors connector pins and capacitors
  • Complex machined and laser cut structures
  • Metal-cored PCB
  • Blind and buried via hole technology


Large Format PCB and Antenna

Teledyne Labtech is one of the few companies in the world who can offer large format PCB for use in RF/Microwave applications.  Our products and PCB can be found in a large range of products ranging from Antenna for large Phased Array Radar, through to components used in the worlds most sophisticated fighter aircraft. Our continued investment has expanded our capabilities to enable Labtech to offer a large range of non-standard PCB.  Our auto-clave vacuum oven capabiltiy allows Teledyne Labtech to manufacture large format Multliayer PCB.  

  • Large format PCB - 1.9 Metre x 0.55 Metre
  • Multilayer structures
  • Through Hole Plating (THP)
  • Bonding of large PCB to metal carriers and housing
  • Integrated connectors and resistors in RF Feed Networks


Metal Cored PCB

Teledyne Labtech is at the forefront of complex metal-cored PCB.  The PCB use a thin metal core <5 mm, this acts as isolation between the RF/Microwave circuit and the Analogue/Digital circuitry and creates an excellent thermal path.

The major advantages are reduced size, no need for complex microwave feed-thru's.  The ability to laser cut pockets allows the designer engineer to mount the high power MMIC directly on to the metal core.


metal-cored PCB 001

  • High level of interconnect
  • Compact designs
  • Integrated RF/Microwave feeds
  • Copper/Brass/Aluminium cores
  • Laser drilled vias and pockets 


Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB

Teledyne Labtech has experience manufacturing a range of Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB for use in complex RF/Microwave systems.  These structures include Flex to Metalback and Flex to Multilayer PCB.

  • Multilayer Structures
  • Plated Through Capabilities (THP)
  • Integrated Rigidisers and Stifferners
  • RF/Microwave materials and Metalback Flex-Rigid
  • Large Format Capability



For many years Teledyne Labtech has manufactured RF & Microwave PCB with integrated OhmegaPly® resistors. OhmegaPly® is a resistor-conductor material.  Using standard subtractive printed circuit technology, integral resistors are formed on circuit layers.  These resistors can be buried within a multilayer circuit board or used on the board surface.  The resistors can also be used mounted on metalbacked PCB.

OhmegaPly® is available in 25 ohm per square, 50 ohm per square and 100 ohm per square sheet resistivity.

  • High denisty interconnect
  • Ideal for power dividers
  • Large RF distribution boards
  • No access required for soldering SMD components


ohmega logo
OhmegaPly® is a registered trademark of Ohmega Technologies, Inc. Culver City, CA

PCB Materials

Teledyne Labtech specialize in the manufacture of RF/Microwave PCB utilizing high performance substrates.  These range from low dielectric materials, 1.96 (RO 5880 LZ) up to 10.20 (RO 6010.2).

  • All grades of Thermosets and PTFE (1.96 DK - 10.20DK)laminates
  • Matched bond films (FEP & PFA etc.)
  • OhmegaPly® - Planar Resistor Technology
  • Bergquist - Thermal Substrates
  • High Tg multifunctional epoxy
  • Polyimide, Aramid Fibre (Kevlar), Bt Epoxy
  • LCP - Liquid Crystal Polymers

Principal Material Suppliers

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 Precision Single-Sided & Double Sided PCB

After many years of experience Teledyne Labtech is able to offer a comprehensive solution for the manufacture of Single-Sided and Double-Sided PCB.  Teledyne Labtech specialises in thin dielectric materials of <0.127 mm.  Our large printing and plating capability also allows Teledyne Labtech the ability to manufacture large antenna up to 2 metre in length with plated through vias (PTH).

  • All grades of PTFE and High Performance Laminates
  • Laser vias of 0.150 mm
  • Laser cut pockets
  • Laser profile gives unparalleled accuracy
  • Soft Gold and Palladium finish offered for wire-bonding
  • Large format capability up to 2.00 metre in length


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