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  • S-Band through Ka-Band
  • PPEAK > 14kW
  • PAVE > 1kW
  • Dual Pulse / CW operation available

Although developments in GaN and LDMOS technologies have boosted the power output of solid state amplifiers, TWTs are still the benchmark in performance and efficiency for many applications. For example, for EW and Radar, TMS TWTs are often smaller, lighter, and more efficient than equivalent SSPA assemblies.



Military: TMS Radar TWTs are currently installed on major airborne, shipboard, and ground programs, performing functions such as target detection, maritime surveillance, air-to-air/air-to-surface search, air defense, battlefield counter-battery, air traffic control, and meteorology.

Test & Measurement / Industry: Electromagnetic sensitivity; compatibility testing; radar cross section ranges; ISR; and educational uses by universities.







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