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TMS offers design support, manufacture, assembly, and test of an extensive range of Microwave PCBs.

Teledyne Labtech, a business unit of Teledyne Microwave Solutions, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of complex and high technology demanding microwave printed circuit boards with an established pedigree spanning more than 30 years. Providing specialized solutions for a range of markets including Defense, Aerospace, High-end Telecom, Satcom and Test Instrumentation, TMS offers a wide range of complementary microwave PCB capabilities.


Among other modern technologies, TMS uses Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) to provide low cost solutions for high frequency (>60GHz) circuits.

Additional highlights:



  • Combiners & splitters
  • Antennas
  • Filters

TMS provides DFM support to ensure the best value solution is delivered across our range of products.


Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) cavity structures extremely high Q performance, for applications that require low Insertion Loss and high performance making them suitable for Military and Commercial applications where narrow bandwidth and ruggedness are important parameters. Cross coupling can be used to greatly improve selectivity, whilst maintaining low Insertion Loss.

TMS can supply individual cavity filters or integrated into sub-assemblies. Increased performance Cavity filters can be combined with Tubular, Lumped Element, Suspended Substrate or Combline filters.

With the use of proprietary software TMS has both excellent filter characteristics with years of experience to offer its customers a unique capability that meets the most demanding requirements where outstandingly high Q is required. 









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