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Teast&MeasurementTMS Traveling Wave Tubes provide the source for RF energy in many commercial test and measurement applications, such as evaluating the electromagnetic susceptibility of components in military systems or consumer/commercial products.


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference/Susceptibility
  • Threat Simulators (e.g., radar cross-section measurement)
  • High Power Component Testing


Large selection of catalog CW and Pulse TWTs for narrow and wide band operation available, as well as customization of existing TWTs.

Examples of frequency band/power combinations:

Band Frequency   CW Power  Pulse Power (Peak)
L/S-Bands 1 to 4 GHz 500W 10kW+
C-Band 4 to 8 GHz 630W 4.5kW+
X-Band 8 to 12 GHz 425W 10kW
Ku-Band 12 to 18 GHz 425W 4kW+
K/Ka-Bands 18-40 GHz 50W 400W





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