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Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers several In-Phase Two-Way Power Dividers with high isolation, low insertion loss, excellent phase and amplitude balance in a small size for a variety of communications applications.



  • Frequency range from 5MHz to 2000MHz
  • High Isolation from 20.0dB Min. to 27dB Typ.
  • Low Insertion Loss from 0.2dB Typ. to 2.0dB Max.
  • Phase Balance from ±0.1Deg. Typ. to 4.0Deg. Max.
  • Amplitude Balance from 0.05dB Typ. to ± 0.4dB Max.

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In-Phase Power Dividers/Combiners are passive components used for splitting a signal into two or more identical output signals (equal amplitude and phase), or to combine two or multiple signals into one output signal.

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