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VHFBandTeledyne RF & Microwave has developed a 35 to 350 MHz custom amplifier with 1 watt output power. The amplifier has 29 dB gain with 3 dB noise figure. The amplifier assembly has a RF switch so that the RF input can be connected directly to the output bypassing the amplifier. The amplifier goes into the "bypass" state when the DC bias is removed from the switch. This unit is one of a series of amplifiers that covers the 1 MHz to 2100 MHz with similar operation.

  • 35 to 530 MHz
  • 30 dB Gain
  • 3 dB Noise Figure
  • 1 Watt Output Power
  • Amplifier/Bypass Selectable
  • Power Off Bypass Operation
  • Gain and Phase matched (Unit-to-Unit)

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