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GaN-based SSPAs from Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) deliver outstanding RF performance for applications spanning the 9-10 GHz radar market. These GaN-based SSPAs offer 350W, 550W, and 1KW peak output power. They can reliably meet the often demanding requirements of any airborne or ground-based environment and are packaged in compact, environmentally sealed housings. Available with up to 1 GHz bandwidth, these SSPAs can also deliver extended bandwidth operation with de-rated output beyond 1GHz, and can be combined to achieve higher output power levels.

SSPA Modules. TMS also offers X-band, GaN SSPA modules in the same 9-10 GHz range that can be deployed in a wide variety of applications either on their own, or linked with other modules. These amplifiers span the range of 25W to 350W of peak power, and are used as driver applications for higher power systems or on their own for lower power applications. Modules also include their own bias control for GaN devices but utilize extenal power supplies and control circuitry for flexibility of configuration.


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