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Power MAX The Ultimate in Solid State Power Amplification

Power MAX   The Ultimate in Solid State Power Amplification

Teledyne Paradise Datacom reveals its next step in fully modular high power amplifier systems with its PowerMAX Scalable SSPA Systems. Systems may be populated with either GaAs or GaN amplifier modules.

small_PowerMax_2013.pngThe PowerMAX system maintains complete parallel redundancy down to the embedded control level. Therefore the loss of an entire HPA chassis will not interrupt remote communications with the system. Remote communications can be either RS485 or Ethernet. The system will automatically correct its gain level in the event of one or more HPA chassis failures.

The sophisticated system monitor and control allows the system to be locally or remotely operated as if it were a "single" chassis amplifier. The system control maintains a hierarchical management that allows the operator to interface to a single chassis of the multi-module array.

Another feature unique to Paradise Datacom's PowerMAX is the introduction of "true rms" output power measurement. Unlike other amplifier systems that utilize diode detection schemes, the PowerMAX reports the true rms output power of the system independent of the number of carriers and modulation schemes.


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