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Q MultiFlex Point to Multipoint Satcom Modem

Q MultiFlex  Point to Multipoint Satcom Modem

The Q-MultiFlex™ offers a new, cost-effective
solution for point-to-multipoint IP satellite systems.
The Q-MultiFlex™ supports a highlyefficient
DVB-S2X shared outbound along with
up to 16 FastLink™ low-latency LDPC returns.

The network system can optionally be controlled
via our innovative Q-Net™ Bandwidth Manager,
supporting a wide range of centralised bandwidth
management, network management, monitoring
and reporting functions.

The Q-MultiFlex™ interoperates with low-cost Q
-Lite™ and Q-Flex™ remote network modems.
The Q-MultiFlex™ supports the most powerful
bandwidth-saving technology available.


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