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OurStoryFor decades, the companies that now compose Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) have been industry leaders in their own right, delivering sophisticated microwave product lines to many global markets. Over time, as these organizations became members of the Teledyne Technologies, Incorporated family of companies, they began to collaborate to deliver superior products and services to customers.rohmbus-blue

Technical Growth. The result? Over the past decade, Teledyne has developed and introduced a wide range of innovative products to the microwave industry. The collaboration and combined R&D power of Teledyne Wireless, Teledyne Paradise Datacom, and the 3 business of Teledyne TMS-UK (Teledyne Labtech, Teledyne Defence & Space, and Teledyne Paradise Modems) has created new products ranging from remote body scanners to radar and threat detection systems to ultra-compact satellite communication amplifiers.rohmbus-blue

The Power of One. Today a new entity, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS), is transforming the vast capabilities of those seven pacesetting companies into one global leader…the leader for everything microwave. From humble beginnings decades ago producing TWTs and simple microwave products, TMS today produces virtually every conceivable microwave technology the market demands.rohmbus-blue

What It Means To You. We believe the alignment of our unsurpassed R&D, manufacturing, and support capabilities with the industry’s most important, emerging trends makes TMS the logical “go to” provider for your most demanding needs. With nine manufacturing sites and localized customer support spanning six continents, there is no challenge too great, no hurdle too high, to prevent us from delivering the best microwave solution working in close collaboration with our customers.rohmbus-blueDownloadOverviewBro

A Closer Look At Our Combined Capabilities. To learn a little more about the breadth and depth of Teledyne Microwave Solutions’ capabilities, take a closer look below at how each of our acquired organizations enables TMS to serve the evolving needs of the global microwave market.rohmbus-blue


TMS-UK: Teledyne Defence & Space

Teledyne DEFENCE250Teledyne Defence & Space has provided innovative research, cutting edge development, and manufacture of EW, Radar, and Communications solutions for compact military payloads, homeland security and asset protection. The organization’s broad range of technologies and products allows it to adopt the most suitable technology for each particular application resulting in excellent quality products ready for volume manufacture. Teledyne Defence continues to offer its core expertise in filter and multiplexer products as well as integrated components & subsystems covering DC – 40 GHz. Its broad range of technologies allows it to adopt the most suitable technology for each particular application. More...

TMS-UK: Teledyne Labtech

Teledyne-LABTECHTeledyne Labtech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of microwave circuit solutions with specialist capabilities in design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing across many technologies, product, and market applications from defense electronics and global telecommunications to space and satellite communications. In addition to the organization’s unique low cost MMIC packaging capabilities, its manufacturing specializes in microwave circuit design, components, microwave circuit boards and microwave testing. The organization maintains a laser focus on developing complex, high reliability systems for customers. More...

TMS-UK: Teledyne Paradise Modems and Teledyne Paradise Datacom

Teledyne-PARADISE-DATACOMTeledyne Paradise Datacom is focused on the design, manufacturing, and sale of satellite modems, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), block up converters (BUC) and associated redundancy subsystems. Paradise Datacom has delivered products and subsystems for use in satellite communications systems to an extensive list of customers located around the world. Its engineers are constantly seeking the latest technologies and processes, which results in the highest power solid state amplifiers packaged in the smallest and lightest packages, and satellite modems that possess features such as imbedded diagnostics tools that allow “in system” tests to be performed from virtually any location in the world. More...

Teledyne Wireless

Teledyne WirelessTeledyne Wireless has over 50 years experience as a worldwide leader in the design, development, and manufacture of microwave components and integrated assemblies. The organization delivers high quality products for the communications, aerospace, defense, aviation, and instrumentation markets. Its military products, some of which were originally designed over 30 years ago, continue to evolve into new applications and sub-systems. New products for both military and commercial applications are designed to meet the most demanding standards with the very best of equipment and facilities. These products employ mixed transmission media for optimal performance and reduced manufacturing cost. These capabilities form the building blocks for ongoing success in developing innovative designs for military applications. More...


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