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Modern TWTs are designed with low temperature cathodes capable of between 20,000 and 50,000 hours of continuous operation, depending on the application. Many Teledyne TWTs have accumulated three to five times this life. A key to achieving long cathode life is to maintain heater voltage within it’s recommended range. If the tube is to spend a substantial portion of its’ life in standby, cathode life can be extended by reducing heater voltage 10% during standby. The majority of Teledyne TWTs employ shadow grids to turn the electron beam on and off. For most applications the life and reliability of shadow grid versions is equal to or greater than their ungridded counterparts. However, for those situations where the TWT is expected to be turned on and off infrequently and to operate uninterrupted for thousands of hours, ungridded versions will offer maximum life. Current process and fabrication technologies have eliminated the need to periodically "refresh" tube vacuum during prolonged storage. If there is concern about turning-on a tube after storage, an extended heater warm-up of from 8 to 24 hours prior to the application of cathode voltage should be adequate. The primary enemies of TWTs are foreign material in HV and RF connectors and corrosion-causing moisture. Keeping stored tubes clean and dry is the best means of insuring high vacuum integrity and long life. The current generation of TWTs is amassing an excellent reliability record. This is being illustrated by experience in Space where the failure rate of TWTs on Intelsat satellites has been 15% lower than for SSAs.

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