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The Channelized Receiver is a multi-channel parallel processing IFM architecture providing instantaneous frequency coverage in a VME Form Factor.

Channelizing-ReceiverInnovative Features/Special Value:
A low loss broadband can split a microwave frequency band into multiple channels. The output of each channel is down converted to a common IF and presented to an array of identical digital IFM units implemented using FPGA techniques. Amplitude measurement is combined with the frequency measurement in each channel, resulting in a full descriptor word being available simultaneously from each specified segment of the RF spectrum.


  • 2-18GHz Coverage (optional down to 0.5GHz)
  • VME Form Factor
  • 8 Channel Pre-selector
  • Digital IFM Frequency Measurement
  • Full Pulse Descriptor Outputs
  • High POI in complex environments
  • Simultaneous Signal Measurement


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