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The smallest available oscillator in the industry, Teledyne Microwave's TINYIG is an ultra-low phase noise YIG-tuned oscillator (YTO) that provides superior phase noise frequency up to 20 GHz. Uniquely designed to be RoHS compliant, these YIG TO-8 oscillators exploit the principle of magnetic resonance to generate a clean, low phase noise microwave signal over broad tuning ranges. It can greatly simplify system designs, thus reducing costs, eliminating the need for extra components, and reducing the risk of malfunctions of complicated electronic connections and operations.



  • Smallest oscillator available in the RF and microwave industry
  • Up to 20 GHz: 3 to 8, 8 to 16, and 10 to 20 GHz (other custom bands upon request)
  • Permanent Magnet (PM)
  • Surface Mount or PCB
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Provides designers broader frequency tuning coverage to replace multiple VCOs

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  • Best Phase Noise in Industry
  • Low power consumption (single bias optional)
  • FM Coil for phase locking
  • No heater required

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