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AirborneTMS designs and manufactures TWTs and TWTAs for military airborne applications for fixed-wing and rotary, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures (EW /ECM), and missiles.


TWTs provide high gain amplification with low noise factors and wide bandwidths available.

Pulse TWTs:

  • Ka-band with Peak Power levels available to 400W
  • X-band with Peak Power levels available to 10kW
  • S-band with Peak Power levels available to 10kW

Continuous Wave TWTs:

  • L- through Ku-bands with power levels available to 750W

Fast Warm Up TWTs:

  • All major frequencies are supported

All TWTs for airborne defense applications require an export license and are controlled military technology. Please contact our TWT business unit at 916-638-3344.

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